Biomechanics Lab

Mission: The SMTC Biomechanics Lab serves runners, cyclists and triathletes who wish to improve their form and technique. Whether to improve performance and race results, or to address a chronic injury, the Lab’s analysis services and targeted interventions are specifically designed to meet each client’s needs and goals.

The Lab provides movement analysis, flexibility and postural screenings, gait and cycling training as well as a full range of physical therapy and training services.


The Movement Consultation:

A Comprehensive Neuromuscular Evaluation and Movement Analysis

  • Evaluation of mobility/stability aimed at improving performance and decreasing risk for injury
  • Full 4-view slow motion video capture to identify deviations causing inefficient form (running or cycling), angled toward improving running economy thereby increasing speed
  • Comprehensive summary report of video session within one week that includes recommendations specific to your needs and goals
  • Select from our fully integrated therapeutic, training, coaching, and consultative services to achieve results!

Our diverse professional staff of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, performance coaches and a registered dietitian will help you get healthy, stay healthy, and perform better than you thought possible.

For more information contact Sara at or (314) 961-3787.