Thanksgiving Turkey
SMTC Staff

3rd Annual ThanksLIFTING Workout

Benefiting Life for Life Gym! 
Thursday Nov 26 - 7:30am

Come one, come all! SMTC is happy to offer an all levels safe and socially distant morning workout on Thanksgiving!  Enjoy time with friends and family, count your blessings, and think of others who may need a helping hand.

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First Steps to Fitness with SMTC!

Online or in-clinic starting at $25! 

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Updated 11/6/20

We are open for training services.   Please contact your trainer directly or call our office to schedule an appointment or receive more details.  

Thank you for your support of small, local businesses during these uncertain times. 


We know that things don't feel normal right now...

SMTC Staff

Join Sports Medicine & Training Center for an expanded group class schedule starting this December.  We have high and low impact options, classes for teens as well as seniors!

180 Miles of Africa

Ever imagine traveling to Africa to run 180 miles around Mount Kilimanjaro? Past physical therapy patient and training client Jerry Frost imagined just that and the opportunity came his way in October.

Frost traveled to Tanzania and participated in the first circumnavigation of the mountain in the Run Around the Roof of Africa , an 8 - day stage sponsored by Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experiences (SENE).

SENE is owned by Tanzanian ultramarathoner Simon Mtuy who Frost met at a race in California.

Emily Henderson, CSCS

Over the past few years the popularity of the Paleo diet has increased, and a lot of questions have arisen as to whether this is a beneficial lifestyle to follow.

Part of the reason for the controversy is that each leading advocate of this diet offers a slight variation to the definition, so it has become hard to answer the question What is a Paleo diet? Is it low carb? Low fat? Does it include dairy? Grains?