180 Miles of Africa

180 Miles of Africa

Ever imagine traveling to Africa to run 180 miles around Mount Kilimanjaro? Past physical therapy patient and training client Jerry Frost imagined just that and the opportunity came his way in October.

Frost traveled to Tanzania and participated in the first circumnavigation of the mountain in the Run Around the Roof of Africa , an 8 - day stage sponsored by Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experiences (SENE).

SENE is owned by Tanzanian ultramarathoner Simon Mtuy who Frost met at a race in California.

“We planned to summit Mount Kilimanjaro with my daughter Allie,” Frost said. “Meanwhile, the opportunity to take part in this expedition came by and I couldn’t pass it up!”

Making such an adventurous trek into the jungle left Frost with many memories and a plethora of stories to share. He encountered and met many local natives of several tribes and many of their children ran with the group.

“I couldn’t miss the chance to run with world class ultra runners Simon Mtuy and Krissy Moehle who won the 2011 Tour de Mount Blanc, a 100 mile run in the Alps with thousands of entrants,” Frost said.

Frost said the runners saw lots of monkeys and baboons but no big game. They did encounter a sticky situation when a Green Mamba snake crossed their path. However, it was just as scared as they were and quickly left.

The group Frost traveled with was very small, only four runners not directly related to SENE. They did not know each other at the beginning of the trip but immediately shared a connection.

“We were all ultra distance athletes so we weren’t far from knowing each other from the start,” Frost said. “We quickly became close friends; all were very positive minded and nice.”

Many people struggle with running even several miles a week, let alone have a desire to run at all. Frost loves long distance running because he enjoys running in the woods. Ultra distance just means more fun for him. It keeps his head on straight and is a spiritual time.

“I like to feel fit and love the challenge. I ran my first trail in a 50K race on a dare in 1994 and fell in love with it,” Frost said.

Frost has been a long time patient and training client of Sports Medicine & Training Center. The staff has treated him through several injuries including a severe injury caused by a bike/car crash in 2010 which put him in a wheelchair for three months. Through treatment he was able to finish another 100 mile run only one year after his accident.

Since then, he has been participating in endurance training with Sara and said he is now running better than ever. He placed first in his age group in the Mohican 100 in Ohio in June and also the Superior Sawtooth 100 in Minnesota in September.

“I love SMTC and the people who work there. They have been a huge support to me and continue to show me how much they care about my well being,” Frost.

Congratulations to Jerry on an exciting and successful 2012 and may many more adventures come your way in 2013!