Client Accomplishments

Updated 6.6.18

Congrats to Diane R. for her awesome PR at the Brooklyn Half Marathon.  She battled tough weather conditions to run 13.1 miles in 1:46:13, a PR of almost a minute! 

Congrats to SMTC athlete Travis W. and SMTC employee Heather R. for their awesome results n the Battlegrounds Mud Run.  They conquered 5 miles of obstacles while running the muddy terrain for amazing finishes!  Travis had a 15 minute PR and Heather excelled in her first race post ACL surgery! Wow! 


Congrats to David R. on his awesome results at the Highland Biathlon.  David ran 5 miles and rode 20 miles for a total time of 1:37:54, placing 3rd in his age group and 9th overall!  Next up is the Riverlands Rush Biathlon - wish him luck!


Congrats to SMTC athlete Libby W. on her win at the female race in U. City 10K on Memorial Day!  Libby raced a fast 6.2 miles for 18th overall and 1st place female result.  Next up for Libby... the Berlin Marathon!  GO LIBBY! 


  Congratulations to Claudia N. who placed 1st in her age division at the U. city 5K on Memorial Day!  Claudia raced in    44.1 minutes!
Big congratulations to Libby W. on her Boston Qualifying time of 3:37:20 at the London Marathon on April 22!  Libby battled some tough conditions in the heat for an excellent marathon and qualifying time for the Boston Marathon! 

MOAB 240 Update

In October 2017 I finished the first annual Moab 240 endurance run put on by destination trails. It is a single loop course which passes through desert, canyons, slick rock, two mountain ranges and surrounded by canyonlands and arches national parks beginning and finishing in Moab Utah. You

 have 112 hours to cover 240 miles on foot. You could stop to sleep as long as you have the time as the clock is running! (I slept 7 hours over 4 days. 1st place runner slept 21 minutes!) Elevations varied from 4000 feet to 10,500 feet and temps ranged from 10 degrees in the mountains at night and about 80 during the day. But with full exposure and clear skies it felt like much more and my lips post race could attest to that! Aid stations are 15 to 20 miles apart with lots of food and liquids and runners are required to carry enough water and food to make to next aid.

I had a great race and finished in 108 hours with four hours to spare to beat the cut off. I owe that to my training on trails at Greensfelder Park and twice a week visits to SMTC where I'm a part of Endurance Team training and participate in Jennifer's strength and flexibility and Gyrotonic classes which have really helped with my core strength and mobility. I also had an amazing crew of family and friends who took care of me and my feet during the race and so much support from so many in my life.

There were 127 starters and remarkably 99 finished! Amazingly Courtney Dewaulter a 32-year-old woman from Colorado finished first in 57 hours and 52 minutes. 10 hours ahead of the next competitor and yet so gracious and humble to hang out at the finish line for a couple days to the cheer all the other runners in! There is so much support between runners. Emphasis is put on personal achievement and not competition between each other which makes for a great community feeling!

With the support of SMTC I have recovered well and I'm looking forward to my next 200 mile event which God willing will be another Destination Trail event which runs the circumference of Lake Tahoe in California next September.

- Jerry F., SMTC Training Client