Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes

SMTC's group exercise classes are open to individuals looking for a challenging workout in a social atmosphere. We offer a variety of classes five days a week! All classes are led by a certified performance coach or one of our highly qualified dance medicine staff members. Visit our calendar for dates and times or check out the descriptions below. 

SMTC is always interested in creating new classes for our clients. Feel free to contact Sara Cogan at or (314) 961-3787, option 1, with any questions or comments you might have.


Fusion Fitness

Fusion Fitness is a group circuit training class designed to deliver a workout that involves several different forms of exercise.  This technique increases your ability to maintain a high level of overall fitness and reduce risk of overuse or injury.  Join us at Fusion Fitness to develop a new set of fitness skills, reduce injury, produce a higher level of conditioning while you improve strength, agility, and balance!

Instructor: Mike Summers, BS Exercise Science, ACSM

Location: Crestwood
Tuesday 5:00pm

Group Circuit Training 

If you are looking to get in shape in a social atmosphere, check out our fun and challenging Group Circuit Training class. GCT offers challenging workouts that are great for any age or fitness level but also great for our advanced athletes. The class focuses on increasing basic strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and general body awareness. The class lasts approximately 60-minutes and is led by our staff of certified trainers. 

Instructor: Mike Summers, BS Exercise Science, ACSM, Sara Cogan, MS, USAT Level 1, USA Cycling Level 3

Location: Crestwood
Wednesday 1:00pm (intermediate/advanced level), Friday 9:00am​

* Friday morning class at a discount to professional dancers in the STL community.  Please contact us at (314) 961-3787 for more information. * 

Steady Strong

Steady Strong focuses on overall body strength and stability while ensuring proper body mechanics.  The whole body is worked in each class and balance and stability training is incorporated.  The morning’s exercises use both free light weights and body weight.  This class offers a variety of modifications for each exercise making this class perfect for beginners or open level clients.  Whether you are looking for the next step after physical therapy or just practicing better body mechanics, this class is the perfect fit. 

Instructor: Mike Summers, BS Exercise Science, ACSM

Location: Crestwood
Tuesday @ 11:15am  & Thursday @ 10:15am​ 


What is HIIT?  HIIT is a type of training involving bouts of high intensity effort followed by a short period of recovery.  HIIT allows you to get a great workout in a condensed amount of time.  This class will consist of a warm-up, high intensity intervals with a 3:1 ratio of work to rest, and a cool down for a total of 40 minutes. 

Instructor: Heather Rapp

Location: Crestwood
Tuesday 6:45am

VIsit LivewellSTL

Core Work & Flexibility

The lower abdominals and spinal para-spinals are the powerhouse of the trunk, so naturally these are the CORE focus of this class! We will work on deep pelvic and low back stabilizing muscles while extending through the trunk and extremities. Flexibility will be a main focus but there is nothing passive about this class, and the participant should expect to strength and lengthen. This class is great for dancers or anyone who wants to improve their core strength, posture and flexibility.

Instructor: Jennifer Reilly 

Location: Crestwood
Monday 5:30pm

Strictly Stretching - 8 Week Session Starts June 4! 

Feeling stiff and tight?  Start your week off with the dance medicine staff for a 45 minute stretch class specifically designed for runners, cyclists and endurance athletes.  Improve your flexibility, reduce incidence of injury, and ultimately increase your performance through a whole body approach to stretching, breathing, and healthy flow.  Strictly Stretching will educate you on how stretching properly and increasing range of motion in a safe way can have huge benefits on your overall training!  Join SMTC for the class that leaves students ‘feeling so much better’! 

Instructor: Jennifer Reilly

Location: Crestwood
Monday 6:45pm​


The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movment sequences.  It is an orginal and unique method,which coordinates movement, breath and mental focus. 

Instructor: Jennifer Reilly

Location: Crestwood
Thursday 5:30pm 


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