I talk to Scott Van Nest. He has heard about my problem from my third doctor and is not interested in my x-rays, MRIs, or other paperwork but tells me to walk a few steps back and forth. He announces that the problem is my hip. Having lost faith in the medical community by now, I remind him that my back has a herniated disk. He smiles gently, pulls the skeleton over and explains how the hip was the source of the problem that eventually caused the herniated disk.

Scott was the first person to make sense of my particular problem. My hip was so out of place and “locked up” that my back was taking an uneven load. He tells me there is a great chance I won’t need surgery. With some help, I get on “the table” and Scott adjusts my legs and hip.

In my very first visit with Scott, he relieves some of my pain. It was my first pain relief in months. By the end of my second visit, I’m standing straighter and 50% of my pain is gone. By the middle of the next week, I was off most of the pain medications.

Not only did Scott begin to align my body but he also told me what not to do to aggravate my hip further. In my experience, I have not found anyone who knows or understands the body’s muscles and bones like Scott. A few weeks of therapy go by and I’m actually back to normal. By the end of July, I see my doctor again and thank him for insisting I see Scott. No back surgery for me, I’m fine!

Mary U.

The Sports Medicine & Training Center has helped me in several ways, […] accepted that as a dancer I was not able to rest in order to heal my injuries. They worked with me on strength building exercises to build up my weaker areas as well as stretching exercises to alleviate some of my pain. The center has also taught me stretches and exercises to prevent future injuries as well as proper actions to take when an injury does occur.

Nicole W

photo credit David Lancaster

Nicole W., Artistic Director of Modern American Dance Company (MADCO)

I took my first ballet class ten years ago at age 42. During the ten years I have been dancing, I have improved, but since I did not take dance as a child, I think it's easier for me to get injured. After a recent injury, my orthopedist recommended SMTC. I found it so helpful to have a physical therapist who is also a ballet dancer! Elena is smart […] and also understands how important dance is. We share not only a love of dance, but the same vocabulary and goals. She even gave me a treatment that would allow me to take a modified ballet class while healing.

Teresa J., COCA student