Meet Our Outstanding Staff

Sara Cogan, MS, USAT Level 1

Exercise Physiologist, Director of Endurance Program

Sara has 18 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist.

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Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong

Dance Medicine Coordinator

Jennifer is a 2001 graduate of Lindenwood University and holds degrees in Dance, Math and Secondary Education.

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Mike Summers, MS

Performance Training Coach, Wellness Team

Mike joined us in summer 2016 as a performance training intern and proved himself to be a great asset resulting in his hiring as a team member in August.   

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Heather Rapp, BS, NASM CPT, YES, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant/Trainer

Heather Rapp holds her BS in Biology from Saint Louis University and is a NASM CPT. 

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Paige Van Nest, BFA

Group Exercise Instructor/PT Tech

Paige Van Nest is a 2019 graduate from Webster University with a BFA in Dance and Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

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