From sports training to improved overall health, whatever your game may be, let our highly qualified trainers can help you take it to the next level. Sports Medicine & Training Center provides a variety of highly effective training programs, using evidence-based practices to improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. If you are an athlete, your workouts can focus on the metrics specific to your sport and position, such as speed and agility, vertical jump and power, flexibility and mechanics, which can also help keep you injury-free and in the game. If you are more focused on improving your overall health, our medically based programs can help you at any age or fitness level! 

Interested in something more comprehensive including fitness, nutrition and overall health?  Check out our Wellness @ SMTC Program.


This is our highest level of service where you will work individually with one of our certified trainers. You will receive a thorough fitness evaluation as well as a training program tailored to your goals, and responsive to your medical history, exercise experience, and current fitness level. If you prefer a high level of attention and feedback this is the program for you! Like to train with a partner? We can do that too for a small additional charge.


If you are looking for a custom program for a lower cost, and like to be a bit more independent, then semi-personal training is a perfect fit1 As with our full service personal training, you will receive a thorough fitness evaluation and a training program designed to meet your goals while considering your medical history, exercise experience, and current fitness level. Your sessions will still be supervised by your trainer, but you may be training alongside two or three other clients at the same time. Interested in forming your own group? We can accommodate that and depending on the size of the group, discounts may be available.

Want to improve your fitness but don’t think a training package is for you?

Check out our highly affordable Group Exercise Classes.

Ready to get to the next level? Reach out to us to find out how we can help you meet your fitness and performance goals! Contact Sara Cogan at [email protected] or Mike Summers at [email protected] or (314) 961-3787, for more information, or to schedule your evaluation.