The Dance & Performing Arts Medicine Program at SMTC provides dancers, musicians and performing artists of all kinds with quality education and training to help maintain good health, as well as provide exceptional care when injuries occur. Our staff of physical therapists, strength coaches and professional dancers understands the special demands of movement-based performance, and we tailor our programs to meet the needs of the individual. We believe the performing arts are therapeutic and apply those principles in our treatment and training methods.

What We Offer

  • Assessments to identify dancer/performer weaknesses and tendencies that may negatively impact their technique and/or lead to injury
  • Physical therapy and rehab for dancers, performing artists, and musicians, including workers’ compensation
  • Specialized training services tailored to address mechanical and technical flaws including pelvic girdle and postural awareness, foot strength, flexibility
  • 40ft X 25ft dance studio with mirrors and sound available for rent
  • Readiness for Pointe assessments
  • Ergonomic assessments for musicians
  • Dance training for improvement of jumping mechanics to minimize risk of injury

Specialized strength and conditioning class for dancers and movement-based performing artists

Fridays @ 9:15 am for professional and collegiate dancers/performers, dance instructors, and advanced dance students (by teacher referral)

Instructed by Paige Van Nest

This class focuses on helping facilitate dancers and movement artists understanding that effectively executing lifts, jumps, and explosive dance movements can only be done with a good level of muscular strength, power, and endurance. Our class will increase strength for the benefit of dance.  It also minimizes the risk of injury by increasing joint stabilization and improving bone health.  The class is designed to aid in prolonging a safe, happy, and balanced dancing career!

Have a question? Contact us about the class or dance medicine training options. 



Who We’ve Worked With

  • Modern American Dance Company (MADCO)
  • Leverage Dance Theater
  • Dozens of touring companies at the Fox Theater, Peabody Opera House, and Muny through our affiliation with Neurotour Physical Therapy
  • St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
  • Space Station Dance Residency