Endurance Coaching

Healthy living is a lifelong commitment!

Whether you walk, run, bike, or swim, SMTC's “All Things Endurance” programs will help you reach your goals!











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Endurance Coaching

Whether you are looking to train for your first race or want to up your game and set new PRs on your run, bike, or triathlon, coach Sara Cogan can show you how.  With three coaching packages, you can choose just the right level of coaching for you to achieve your goals! 

Benefits include:

  • Customized endurance training program
  • Customized strength training program
  • Monthly Consultation
  • Phone and email support
  • Access to stretching program
  • Training Log Review 
  • Nutrition advice

* Benefits subject to level of coaching chosen.


More About Sara:

Sara has 24 years of experience working with endurance athletes, as both a coach and an exercise physiologist, working with individuals and teams.  She holds a Level 1 certification from USA Triathlon, and a Level 3 certification from USA Cycling, and is personally a lifelong endurance athlete.  Sara's interests are in coaching cyclists, triathletes and runners from a holistic perspective, factoring in strength training, nutrition, recovery, sport specific training and the mental and psychological aspect of sport.  She loves working with members of the Eureka Endurance Youth Triathlon team, as well as members of The Hub Bicycling Co. racing and recreational cycling teams. 

For more information contact Sara at (314) 961-3787 or sarac@smtcstl.com

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