After working with […] the exemplary staff I realized the other day that it had been so long since I had knee pain, I could not even remember which of my two knees was the worst. Thanks […] for providing a service that helped me reverse the clock, return to activity, and even try something new.

Anna M.

I have been coming to Sara for personal training for the past six months. I could not speak more highly of her and her services. Starting out, Sara asked me my personal goals so that we could help develop a plan for me to reach them. She has developed several different routines/programs for us over the last six months. Each routine is tailored to fit my current physical abilities and to push me to the next level. She puts a lot of thought and time into creating the routines so that they lead you, as a client, to success and improvement. She is very knowledgeable in her field and whenever I have a question or concern she is eager to help. While all the things I have previously stated are wonderful, what sets Sara apart from others is the time she takes to really get to know her clients. Every week Sara and I not only workout, but we talk. She is there listening to me and encouraging me every step of the way. I do not think I would have stuck with training for this long if it hadn’t been for her. Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us, and Sara does just that.

Colleen G.

Being a college athlete is tough enough as it is, but finding a place that has the proper resources and facilities to train and prepare for my season is next to impossible.  That's why I like working and training at SMTC.  Staff there is truly amazing and having everything under one roof makes training so much more efficient.

John M.

I needed to improve my vertical, speed, and strength. I also had a lot of back pain while I played throughout my season. But after training over the summer at SMTC, I came back to school as the fastest sprinter on my team, had the second highest vertical on my team, and was surprised how much more I could lift compared to the girls during strength training sessions. And the best of all my back feels amazing and rarely hurts.

Darcy K.

After working with SMTC and their top-notch staff, my injuries were not only appropriately addressed and corrected, but SMTC taught me how to prevent them in the future. Said directly, SMTC isn’t just the best at helping clients get well, they are also the best at keeping them well!

I sincerely view SMTC as an integral and invaluable “part of my team”. They have proven, time and again, that they genuinely care about share in my success, recovery and long-term well-being.

With help from SMTC, I completed my first 100-mile run in March of 2010, and performed well enough for a 2nd place finish during my first attempt at a 24-hour race! I’m 100% certain no group of trainers or therapists can guarantee a particular result in a client’s events. However, I’m 150% certain that the treatment, therapy and advice from SMTC are direct and significant contributors to my achievements. No matter your sport of choice or injury to be addressed there is none better than SMTC – PERIOD.

Jason E.

I became familiar with Scott and SMTC when they helped my high school age daughter rehab through sports related injuries.  We were always pleased with our experience and outcomes.
It wasn’t until I had running related injuries of my own, with a fast approaching race schedule that I could really appreciate how special a service SMTC provides.  With the positive and caring attitudes of the staff and Scott’s exceptional ability to diagnose the problem and create a recovery plan, I was able to meet and exceed my expectations. With their help I was able to complete the 2009 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and followed up with a finish at the Vermont 100 Mile three weeks later.
A year later, I was struck by a car while biking.  I required long term physical therapy to recover and there was no doubt where to go, SMTC.  The accident left me with a crushed tibial plateau and an equally injured shoulder, which were both surgically repaired.  I was told I would face a year of PT before I would run again.  With the help of SMTC I was cleared to begin running after only five months!

I can’t say enough to express my thanks for what the entire staff has meant to my recovery.  They have gone beyond my expectations to make my recovery complete and at the same time enjoyable.  SMTC is committed to their patients recovery and I recommend them to everyone I know.

Jerry F.

Following a few setbacks, the personal trainers and physical therapists at SMTC have improved my performance to levels I never imagined.  The staff is experienced, knowledgeable and conscientious, giving a professional attention to each individual.

Jim M.

Elena [...] how much you were loved by the Sister Act company members [...] They all thought you were just awesome and made a point to tell me so. This is not the first production that has spoken highly of you, this same sentiment seems to be echoed on every tour you work for us…

Kalia Jeffers Sullivan, Director of Therapy Operations NeuroTour Physical Therapy, Inc.

As a dancer who’s been in this community for 10 years now, I can safely say that I have relied on SMTC to help me through injuries and to keep me strong, informed, in shape, and on the stage. SMTC is an invaluable tool for myself and any other dancers that have taken advantage of what the facility and its staff have to offer.

I cannot say thanks enough to SMTC for all it has done for me. It’s a great thing when an organization recognizes that dancers are not just artists, they are also athletes. I can’t think of a greater resource for a dancer in this city to have!

Linsay H
Lindsay H., Former MADCO Dancer, Program Director at Rockford University

I talk to Scott Van Nest. He has heard about my problem from my third doctor and is not interested in my x-rays, MRIs, or other paperwork but tells me to walk a few steps back and forth. He announces that the problem is my hip. Having lost faith in the medical community by now, I remind him that my back has a herniated disk. He smiles gently, pulls the skeleton over and explains how the hip was the source of the problem that eventually caused the herniated disk.

Scott was the first person to make sense of my particular problem. My hip was so out of place and “locked up” that my back was taking an uneven load. He tells me there is a great chance I won’t need surgery. With some help, I get on “the table” and Scott adjusts my legs and hip.

In my very first visit with Scott, he relieves some of my pain. It was my first pain relief in months. By the end of my second visit, I’m standing straighter and 50% of my pain is gone. By the middle of the next week, I was off most of the pain medications.

Not only did Scott begin to align my body but he also told me what not to do to aggravate my hip further. In my experience, I have not found anyone who knows or understands the body’s muscles and bones like Scott. A few weeks of therapy go by and I’m actually back to normal. By the end of July, I see my doctor again and thank him for insisting I see Scott. No back surgery for me, I’m fine!

Mary U.