Summer Training Special for Athletes!

Improve your balance, strength, speed, and agility this summer with SMTC’s training programs!  Complete daily sports-specific workouts, get guidance from our certified trainers, and improve your performance before the next season.  $150 for 12 sessions.

Contact [email protected] to sign-up.

Our Sports Performance staff specializes in sport-specific and endurance training. Our exercise physiologists have the expertise to augment your training with strength work, program design and guidance on injury prevention, and are committed to providing structure and accountability. Our fitness professionals are athletes themselves and have successfully completed marathons, triathlons, Crossfit and Spartan competitions, and competed in high level football, volleyball, field hockey, and soccer.

SMTC delivers a program that is medically based and grounded in biomechanics that factors in each athlete’s strengths and deficits. Each athlete’s program is unique because no two athletes share the same attributes and goals! We design a balanced, full body program that incorporates weighted exercise with quickness and agility drills, and includes flexibility and dynamic stabilization activities to assist with injury prevention. Your coach will create a program that fits your schedule and gives you the best chance to excel in your chosen sport or endeavor!

We work with junior high, high school and collegiate athletes, endurance athletes of all ages, as well as any individual seeking a partner who is invested in them and their performance goals.

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