“People typically lower their risks of heart disease and premature death far more by gaining fitness than by dropping weight.”  ~ Why Exercise is More Important Than Weight Loss for a Longer Life (nytimes.com)

Wellness @ SMTC integrates physical therapy and fitness services with SMTC’s skilled providers and partners McDaniel Nutrition Therapy and SIUE Exercise Physiology Lab, to offer a comprehensive approach to meaningful lifestyle changes.  Work with us to improve nutrition, physical fitness, and receive health counseling, in collaboration with medical guidance from your physician.

Our team provides friendly, welcoming, and professional guidance and is a valued resource for our clients!

How it Works:

Wellness @ SMTC is a half-year or full-year comprehensive individualized program based on your goals, needs and physician recommendations. Once you have enrolled, you will be assigned a wellness liaison who will start with a physical assessment and discussion regarding your wellness goals. Your liaison will oversee your program, connecting you with other healthcare professionals to address your dietary needs, as well as assess body composition and bone density.

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After gathering this baseline information, we’ll work with you and other members of our wellness team to develop a plan to address your needs and goals, and then guide you along the way as you walk your wellness journey! The Wellness @ SMTC staff provides consistent contact, accountability and follow through on your wellness plan and we will send objective and measurable data to your physician three times a year, if requested.

Still have questions?

Email the Wellness Team for more information at wellness@smtcstl.com.


  • Initial program consultation, individualized program and time frame
  • Access to qualified physical therapists, dietitians and exercise physiologists
  • Semi-personal and personal training
  • Nutrition consultations and follow-ups
  • Regular monitoring of vital signs and physical measurements
  • Exercise testing
  • DXA Scan, RMR and VO2 Max tests
  • Biomechanical and/or injury screenings
  • Stretching services
  • Diet by DNA test
  • Gait analysis
  • Lifestyle and sports performance coaching
  • Weight management

Get support from a local team with community values! 

Testimonial from a Wellness @ SMTC Client:

This program has helped me to exercise correctly and consistently. Mike taught me proper form and helped motivate me to reach my goals. I received an individualized plan that I’ve seen results with and see myself doing this for years to come!

Karita M.

Notable Accomplishments: Within the first four months of the program, Karita lowered her blood pressure, decreased her resting and exercise heart rate, improved her balance and grip strength.